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Mario Nunez
and the Eclectic Photography

Mario Nunez is a Venezuelan photographer, living in Miami. This dynamic city has a strong multicultural influence and a dynamism that changes every day before our eyes. It has had a strong impact on how Mario feels and develops his photography career, resulting in the eclecticism reflected in his work.

Many photographers have found success with a specific and fixed style. Mario’s success is based on continuing to enrich his approach with different photographic trends. He mentally processes the environment of the photograph and then captures it in a unique way. The process varies, it can be seconds, minutes, or hours, but always giving a wonderful result.

Images in Five Categories


Photography can be more real than reality, in a matter of speaking. This is: a portrait can capture the essence, not just the moment.


Topography has a life of his own: fields, rivers, mountains, urban places, even the sky, the sea… every outside scenery is worth capturing.


Life flows quickly, but photography gives it a dash of warm permanence as if moments remain forever in memory and in images.

Photo Essays

News is not what happens, but what can be capture in words, sounds, or images. In Mario’s case, a picture freezes a moment in time.


Gourmandizing is the lust for life, a way to celebrate that food is not only feeding ourselves but also celebrating life with taste and sight.